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RawHost Shared Hosting

Never again will you have to suffer from over-sold resources, with our system as we gain web customers, the host automatically adds more resources, such as RAM and HDD to accommodate growth. Combine this with our dedicated gigabit internet connection and nothing could be more reliable, fast or simple.

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All Hosting packages come with the latest iteration of cPanel® and more than 300 one-click applications.
Tier Storage Bandwidth Email, FTP & MySQL Addon Domains cPanel Price
1 5gb 20gb 5 10 $2 Buy Now
2 15gb 50gb 10 Unlimited $5 Buy Now
3 25gb 100gb Unlimited Unlimited $8 Buy Now
4 100gb Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $10 Buy Now

RawHost VPS

Utilising VMWare ESXi 6.0 we enable our customers to receive their guaranteed specifications they pay for, in conjunction with our dedicated gigabit internet connection, not only will you experience superior usability but also superior internet speeds.

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All VPS nodes are manually provisioned to make sure we don't over-subscribe our host servers, with the Operating System of your choice (Windows or Linux).
vCores RAM HDD Bandwidth Available Price
2 2gb 20gb 2tb $12.50 Buy Now
2 4gb 50gb 2tb $20 Buy Now
4 4gb 50gb 2tb $40 Buy Now
4 8gb 50gb 2tb $65 Buy Now